Cult Classic Angst Now on Blu-Ray


Angst  is an Austrian film from 1983 that was written and directed by Gerald Kargl and is loosely based on the mass murderer Werner Kniesek. The movie has just been released on Blu-ray and is now available for streaming through Amazon. After many years of censorship in Europe, the movie was reintroduced to the public through the name Fear in 2006. It has gained prominence since then through individuals such as Gaspar Noé, who has stated that Angst influenced the way he makes films.

The story follows a recently released psychopath over a period of 24 hours as he begins hunting new victims. The film submerges the audience in the thoughts and inner workings of the serial killer as he makes decisions and rationalizes his killings. His victims include a botched murder attempt on a taxi driver, and a home invasion where he tortures and kills a home owner.

Despite Angst being a source of contention in regards to its grotesque content, it has long been revered as revolutionary. The camera work is astonishing, thanks to Polish avant-garde filmmaker Zbigniew Rybcynski, who later went on to win an Academy Award for his animated classic Tango. The music composition was done by Klaus Schulze from the rock band Tangerine Dream and the acting performance by Erwin Leder is unforgettable. Go out and pick up a copy today or stream it through Amazon.







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