Are we governed by unconscious processes of the ordinary?

The conventional, the static, the easy, the monotonous, the repetitive, the normal, the classic, the simple, the vulnerable…

We decide to return to the origins, back to take everything to another dimension, going further, to the hyper side.

That’s what we do: we make our own path, breaking the circumstances, regardless of barriers or fears, defying limits, to create new formats, showing our hidden forces and true spirit, our animal side, becoming Hyper Animals.

In Hyper Animals we are surrounded by the alpha creators, with an attitude of no fear, always redefining their own territories, their context and their momentum, to keep hunting, staying hungry and searching in this world.



Elza Jo \ Photo & Film Maker
Cecy Young \ Photo
Dan Crosby \ Photo
Omar Coria \ Photo
Dorian Ulises López \ Photo
René Fragoso \ Photo
Irene Armesto \ Photo
Tim Jones \ Photo & Film Maker
Ana Hop \ Photo
Brenda Urcid \ Photo
Danía Valdez \ Photo
Elena Soriano \ Photo
Dorian Ulises López \ Photo
Rodrigo Triana \ Photo
Noel Higareda \ Photo
AM Rock \ Photo
Leo Sam \ Photo
Daniel (Easy Tiger) \ Photo
Murat Pak \ Motion Graphics
Markus Kontiainen \ Film Maker
South and Island \ Motion Graphics
Sek Salazar aka. Sekfrommars \ Film Maker
ECHOLAB \ Sound Design
Nayeli de Alba \ Stylist
Ángela Patiño \ Stylist
Dan Victoria Gleason \ Stylist
Paula Saiz \ Stylist
Meyloo \ Make up Artist
Ana G. de V. \ Make up Artist
Pamela Segura \ Make up Artist
Juanma Constantino \ Make up Artist & Hair
Kenji Noma \ Hair
Jonathan Mas \ Hair
Jorge Fernando González \ Writer, Photo & Illustration
Benjamín García Pérez \ Writer & Photo
Jorge Fernando González \ Writer & Photo
Lassla Esquivel \ Writer
Gerardo de la Garza \ Writer
Xósem Amero \ Writer
Omar Badillo \ Writer
Iván Sierra \ Writer
Omar Nieto \ Writer
Sergio A. Tapia \ Writer
Lassla Esquivel \ Writer
Monica Loya \ Ilustration
Óscar Coyoli \ Ilustration



Pedro Germán \ CEO & CD (pedrogerman.lopez @ hyperanimals.com) \ @antisubliminal
Sergio Orospe \ Editor in Chief  (sergio.orospe @ hyperanimals.com) \ @sergioorospe
Priscilla Gomez “ZETA” \ Art Director (priscilla.gomez @ hyperanimals.com) \ @spacevolt
Poncho Guerrero \ Content Editor (alfonso.guerrero @ hyperanimals.com) \ @ponchoguerrero
Ana Urías \ Public Relations (ana.urias @ hyperanimals.com) \ @anabuu